2 weeks of Buddhist Climate Action


2 weeks of Buddhist Climate Action

(Nov 29-Dec 11 2015)

Following the launch by the Global Buddhist Climate Change Collective (GBCCC) of the Global Buddhist Climate Change Statement  to world leaders (Oct 29), we invite you, to join us in a two week Global Buddhist Climate Action campaign from November 29 – December 11 2015, in support of the upcoming Paris Climate Summit (COP21).

We invite all Sanghas to come together to generate a powerful collective energy focused on a strong and effective climate change agreement. As a global community we have the technology, we have the opportunity, and what we need now is the political, collective will and spiritual courage to act decisively to change course. We can gain great strength by knowing that people of all Buddhist traditions are doing these things together, all around this Earth.

Join Together

The GBCCC is joining with the International Plum Village Community who have created a format for us all to practice together as a global community. These practices are intended to both develop our awareness of interdependence with all beings, as well as reduce each of our contribution to global carbon emissions.  We are also joining with One Earth Sangha who are supporting this campaign.

5 Actions

Here are some actions we can take as a community:

1. Join a Global Climate March: On Sunday November 29th we invite you to gather as a Sangha, individually or with other faiths and join a Global Climate March in a town or city near you.  We can contribute to the Climate March our collective energy of peace and stillness, enjoying every step with freedom and deep connection to the Earth. You can find a march near you or create an event of your own.


2. Fast for Two Weeks: For the duration of the Paris Climate Summit, from November 30th to December 11th, we invite you to fast from meat and dairy products. Eating in this way nourishes our energy of compassion, and we can send this energy to support the Paris negotiations. You may like to practice The Five Contemplations.


3. Wear a Green Ribbon: For these two weeks, from November 30th to December 11th, we invite you to wear a green ribbon to raise awareness amongst those around you, of our collective practice of mindfulness and compassion in solidarity with the Earth during this time.  (here are two resources for those discussions:1 and 2).


4. Get Together and Learn More: We encourage you to attend a sangha gathering, and to read more about climate change and how it will impact your community. Also learn more about the Buddhist perspective of the crisis.

5. Make a Commitment:  We encourage you to reflect on your abilities, privileges, and care for life. Given that many are and will suffer from climate impacts, what is your responsibility to them. How can we take our fare share of climate risk and discomfort? From this contemplation, make a commitment to take concrete, meaningful steps to join with others in ending broad scale ecological harm and creating a peaceful, just world. Create a campaign of writing op-eds, organizing your neighborhood to go solar or invest in urban farming, stage a peaceful direct action, challenge workplace practices or learn about local environmental justice issues and offer your time and skills to these causes.


Please share this 2 weeks of Buddhist Climate Action with your networks and share online using #buddhists4climate or #buddhists4climateaction

There are many powerful ways to love and protect Earth and all her beings. While we are in solidarity with and support this 2 weeks of Buddhist Climate Action, we recognise that there is a need for stronger Buddhist climate advocacy. The GBCCC is currently considering its plans for 2016 and we will be taking a multifaceted approach towards galvanizing Buddhist climate action.