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Press Release: Buddhist Climate Statement (Oct 29 2015)

Press Release: Buddhist Climate Statement in Korean (Oct 29)

Press Release (as above) Chinese: Simplified (Oct 29) Traditional (Oct 29)

Communiqué de presse Déclaration bouddhiste (Oct 29 2015)


September 11, 2006 - Beverly Hills, CABuddha Films: Luncheon with the Dalai LamaPeninsula HotelPhoto by Alex Berliner © Berliner Studio/BEImagesAll Rights Reserved
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Photo by Alex Berliner © Berliner Studio/BEImages Beverly Hills, CA.(Sept, 2006)
Ven. Lama Lobzang, Secretary General of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) signs the Buddhist Climate Change Statement to World Leaders, Delhi, India (Oct 28 2015). We are grateful to the IBC’s great help with the Buddhist Climate Change Statement.
Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera from Sri Lanka representing the GBCCC, meets with Pres. Hollande on Dec 10th 2015 at the Elysee Palace, as part of an interfaith meeting and hands over Buddhist Statement.