About Us


Cultivating the insight of interdependence and compassion to act out of love, not fear, to protect our planet


We believe it imperative that the global Buddhist community recognizes our interdependence with one another as well as with the natural world. Together, we must be a network that inspires and empowers the Buddhist community to collectively take action on climate change.


a. NETWORK for ACTION: That we network, facilitate and be a bridge with other Buddhist organisations globally, sharing key Buddhist events, policy points, events, calendars and best practise etc.

b. ADVOCACY: That Buddhist leaders and teachers speak out to world leaders, Buddhist communities and people of all faiths turning pluralism and diversity into a strength

c. INFORM & INSPIRE: That we inform and inspire Buddhists on climate change (policy, risks, opportunities, mitigation and adaptation) recognizing that a greater awareness and awakening of consciousness is needed

  • To inform our Sanghas and Buddhist leaders on climate change issues
  • To be an information provider to the global Buddhist community
  • To share inspiring best practices on what Buddhists and others are doing globally to reduce emissions, and respond or adapt to the changing climate
  • To educate our sanghas and to work across sanghas, our own communities on ways to reduce our carbon impacts in our own centres, temples, homes and communities

d. CAMPAIGN & COMMIT: That we campaign positively and peacefully for increased climate change mitigation and adaptation action globally and locally 

e. COLLABORATE: That we work collaboratively with other faiths on climate change issues, as well as across all Buddhist traditions globally

WHO WE ARE: We are a number of Buddhist and interfaith climate groups who came together in September 2015 to facilitate a Buddhist contribution to COP21 in December 2015. In 2016 our focus is on following up on the Paris Agreement for greater climate action, locally and globally and across Buddhist traditions.

GBCCC MEMBERSHIP: The GBCCC aims to have diverse membership in terms of geographical regions and different Buddhist traditions, so as to bring a richer, yet, collective Buddhist voice to advocate externally on climate change, as well as amongst our own sanghas for greater global Buddhist awareness and action. Membership is by invitation or referral.

The global scope of the GBCCC aims to strengthen its capacity through regular member participation, strategic partnerships, networks and sangha mobilization.The GBCCC is led by the GBCCC Steering Committee, in consultation with the global Coordinator. The GBCCC is an initiative of GreenFaith that works in joint collaboration with the GBCCC membership organisations. GBCCC members meet weekly by Skype call and meetings when a majority of us are in the same location.

Participating organisations and individuals involved include: